1992 - Born

2005 - Bar Mitzvah

2007 - Decided to become a copywriter

2010 - Started military service

2011 - First kiss

2016 - Graduated from ACC Granot in Tel Aviv


That might not be enough, so here's a list of things:

  1. I am a man of words. Usually many, sometimes few.

  2. I’m obsessed with food and cooking. Learning, knowing, eating.

  3. I’m a technology freak, notably mobile tech. Try me.

  4. Dogs, accents and football.

  5. I spend more time on Youtube than I’d like to admit.

  6. If you ever need a bank for (mostly) useless knowledge, know that I exist.

  7. I believe that quality content will soon be a pillar of modern advertising.

  8. I think the word ‘Absorb’ sounds alien.

  9. I have OCD, but hopefully you won’t notice.

  10. Not an expert, but you can discuss these with me without any blank stares:
    video editing | sound editing | music | photography | design | Adobe | cinematography.

  11. I don’t know how to say that I'm a part of meme culture without feeling cringe worthy.

  12. I also don’t know how to whistle.

  13. I can name every Pokémon out of the original 151.

  14. I get a USB in correctly on the first try.